What Are the Next Key Steps in Engineering Modeling?

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What Are the Next Key Steps in Engineering Modeling?

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The task of effective modeling, simulation, or control has become complex and in many cases unwieldy. Whether it is multi-domain modeling, or high-performance real-time simulation for control applications, systems have become more sophisticated and requirements more stringent. Consequently, many engineers are evaluating the way they have been doing things and exploring possibilities for alternate approaches. This webinar presents two complementary perspectives on this critical issue: the application perspective and the computational perspective.

Joe Steiber, a Principal Engineer at the Southwest Research Institute in Texas, is currently engaged in a range of difficult modeling projects for tomorrow’s car. Challenges such as achieving sufficient computational speed, or how to reconcile empirical data with physical models, or how to increase model fidelity, are examples of the kinds of complex challenges that he and his colleagues must resolve. He will provide the audience of this webinar with insight into the nature of modern modeling challenges, including specific examples from various current projects, and some thoughts on where effective solutions may lie.

Dr. Tom Lee, Chief Evangelist at Maplesoft, and mechanical engineer by background, will offer his thoughts on how the computing industry is currently responding to emerging challenges. In the areas of dynamic simulation and control, the computing framework is literally decades old and is currently being supplemented with a new generation of modeling tools better adept at dealing with the scientific advancements and more complex mathematics of today. He will offer an historical and a contemporary survey as well as a roadmap for the near future of engineering modeling tools.

Joe Steiber, Principal Engineer, Southwest Research Institute

Joe Steiber has over 20 years of experience in advanced engineering modeling, simulation, and control in the automotive and aerospace industries. Currently, as principal engineer in the Advanced Vehicle Technology group at the Southwest Research Institute, Mr. Steiber leads a range of challenging technical projects. His current activities include advanced modeling and simulation of semi-autonomous and autonomous vehicle technologies, rapid prototyping, and testing tools and approaches. Past work includes the development of hardware-in-the-loop simulation tools, SWrI and General Motors’ Virtual Vehicle Transmission Test Cell control, and hybrid vehicle modeling. Mr. Steiber received his M.S. from the University of Texas and a B.S. from the University of Florida.

Tom Lee Ph.D., Chief Evangelist, Maplesoft

Dr. Tom Lee is the principal technology spokesperson for Maplesoft, an emerging leader in advanced engineering modeling and simulation. With a Ph.D. in automation and control (University of Waterloo), he has been a leading influence in the development of new modeling tools for physical modeling and symbolic computation. He has over 20 years of experience in the engineering software industry. He is a frequent invited speaker and has published numerous papers and articles on various topics in modeling, simulation, and mathematical computation.

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