Вакансия для математика в Австралии

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Вакансия для математика в Австралии

Сообщение GennadyV » Вт июл 27, 2010 12:08 pm

Добрый день.
Есть вакансия в Австралии. Если у кого-либо есть интерес, готов рассказать в деталях - контакты ниже.



General Information
I have an opportunity for an experienced applied mathematician to join the Research & Development (R&D) Section at Queensland Alumina Ltd, as a R&D Project Leader.
After an induction period, the successful candidate will be expected to rapidly develop expertise in transport phenomena fields of Bayer process. Critical to the Project Leader role is his / her ability to identify, initiate and lead projects, delivering technological and process improvements.
The successful candidate will be required to develop and maintain relationships with plant based customers, thereby enabling him / her to recognize improvement opportunities and to advance projects.
He / she will also act as the technical specialist in his / her area of expertise and provide technical advice to others.
This is an excellent role for someone who wishes to continuously enhance his / her applied mathematics expertise and make it applicable to solving industrial issues.
Qualifications and skills required
 MSc or preferably PhD in Applied Mathematics or Physics.
 Strong, practically oriented applied mathematician, preferably with experience in applying his / her mathematical skills in solving engineering and hydrometallurgical process problems.
 Demonstrated understanding of mathematics and ability to model transport phenomena, population balances and crystallisation processes.
 Ability to use CFD modelling packages such as Fluent + CFX and meshing software to solve engineering problems and to write or enhance additional models, while thoroughly understanding the underlying models and assumptions.
 Experience in coding in a number of different languages, including C++, Matlab and VBA.
 Understanding of process flowsheet modelling packages, for example Aspen or SysCAD.
 Ability to develop models to both laboratory data and plant physical/chemical processes.
 Team player who is able to work in multidisciplinary teams with engineers and chemists.
 Good command of English language (both spoken and written).
Personal preferences and characteristics
We are looking for a person who is passionate about conducting applied research in an environment where he / she can see results of his / her work being implemented in a mineral processing plant, delivering tangible business benefits.
The candidate must be a team player who is able to work in multidisciplinary teams with engineers and chemists.
The candidate must be prepared to relocate to Australia for > 5 years (ideally somebody who wants to permanently migrate to Australia) to establish a long term career with QAL (naturally QAL will cover reasonable relocation costs).

If you are not interested in this proposal due to any reason, we kindly ask you to forward this letter to your friends or colleagues who can show interest to this position and who obtain personal and professional experience and expertise.

Gennady Vanin

26 Bolshaya Yakimanka Moscow 119180 Russia
OL: + 7 495 935 76 54,
+ 7 495 258 36 23

E-mail: gennady.vanin[at]odgersberndtson.ru